Do I clean my Paint Roller or throw it away?

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  • Keep Your Paint

    The Curly-Q removes 3-12 ounces of paintfrom your roller in seconds. Put your paint back in your can instead of the sink.

  • Keep Your Roller

    The Curly-Q will restore your roller to like-new condition with a minimum amount of water.

  • Keep Your Time:

    Do it all in less than 5 minutes, without touching any paint. Your time is valuable, let the Curly-Q keep your time productive.

  • Keep Your Money:

    A tool that truly conserves resources the Curly-Q will save your money, keeping it it in your wallet instead of the landfill.

Watch our demo videos and see first hand how efficient and effective the Curly-Q is in professional and home use.

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Made in the USA


  • Two sizes in one tool
  • Stainless steel = Rust free
  • Clean roller without handling paint.
  • Strong and simple for easy use.
  • Save unused paint from the roller.
  • Comfortable handle is easy to use and clean.
  • You're through in 4-5 minutes, not 15-20,
  • The Curly-Q pays for itself in 1-2 uses.
  • Ideally angled rings for comfort and hand position.
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The tool that makes money for you, every use
Typical single paint job savings*:

Roller Cover: 5.99 + tax = 6.49 X 2 = 12.98

Paint: 3.57 fl oz @ $25/gal. = $.70 X 2 = 1.40


*Assuming two colored room; $5.99 roller cost;
$25 per gallon paint

How it Works

  • Time: 30 seconds

    Run the Curly-Q down the roller as soon as you are done painting The stainless steel ring acts as a squeegee, stripping the paint from the roller, putting it back in the can where it belongs.

  • Time: 2-3 minutes

    Continue using the Curly-Q in the same manner in a sink with water. The same ring acts as a scrubber, forcing water deep into the nap.

  • Time:2-3 minutes

    Remove the roller cover and clean the roller frame and INSIDE of the roller cover separately. Reverse the roller cover’s direction and put it back on the frame. Continue as before for another 1-2 minutes.

  • Time: 15 seconds

    Spin the roller to remove the water and fluff up the nap. Let it dry and then store it.


  • Salt Lake City, Utah

    After using the Curly-Q, we enthusiastically recommend it because:
    It's an inexpensive investment
    It's simple, easy-to-use, and ergonomic.
    Unlike so many "new" tools on the market, it's sturdy, well-designed, and most of all, shows creativity!
    The incredible amount of paint returned to the paint can is a money-saver
    It's a time saver--cleaning nearly all the paint out of the roller without endlessly washing it down the drain
    A good roller can be used many times, instead of discarding it because of the messiness (no more rollers in plastic wrap or in the freezer between painting sessions)
    It makes a great gift--we bought eight (everyone knows someone who paints!)

    Walter &
    LaRetta A.

    Home Owners

  • West Jordan, Utah

    I was totally impressed with the Curly-Q. I love to paint but hate to clean the roller. I actually place the roller in a plastic bag and put it in the fridge until my painting project is complete in order to clean the roller as little as possible. Cleaning the roller normally takes me a good 25-30 minutes but with the Curly-Q, it only took about 10 minutes! This thing is awesome and I highly recommend it.

    Teri V.

    Home Owner

  • Salt Lake City, Utah

    I met James Young at a "Home Show" early this year. I own a painting company in Salt Lake City, Utah. He introduced himself as being a former painter and entrepreneur.
    He showed me the Curly-Q and explained how much easier it would be to clean my rollers and save paint at the same time.
    I was interested in what James had to say and agreed to use and introduce the Curly-Q to my employee's on the job.
    I personally use a common painters tool called a Five-Way. The Five-Way cleans the expensive rollers I use but also peels back the nap of the roller after only a couple of uses as I scrape one side at a time.
    I continued to use my Five-Way and soon forgot that I had the Curly-Q in the tool collection.
    A couple of weeks went on until one day one of the guys was asking where the Curly-Q was. He insisted that he needed it to more effectively clean our rollers without damaging the ends which causes minor streaks on the walls.
    After watching one of my guys be exemplary cleaning and preserving our tools; I too followed suit and began to use the Curly-Q on a regular basses. Not only did I save time and paint using the Curly-Q, I also did not cause damage to the ends of the rollers, saving money in roller cost.
    Now the Curly-Q sits right up front of all of the paint tools as a stample for the tools we use.
    I give a big thanks to James and the Curly-Q for more efficiency and savings in my business.

    Severyn Hughes

    Cutting Edge Painting Inc.

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